maanantai 18. marraskuuta 2013

Storms are scary


In last weekend was hard storm called Eino-storm. Wind is hard, maybe 28m/s. I don't like storms 'cause they're all terrible. Luckily I was home and my home is far most hardest storm. But West Coast Finland was very hard storm. Trees falling on the ground and ways. Roof tiles flying around.
In Sweden a 600 000 house is without energy. Maybe 2/3 is still without energy. Sad but true.

Today in school was boring. I have physics , history and biology and another else boring school subjects. I have four tests in this week. France, Maths, English and Biology and next week Physics.

I have now 56 posters of One Direction! And 16 posters of Harry Potter and 3 posters of Little Mix. And I have One Direction Advent calendar.

Seven days to Midnight Memories! I can't wait anymore and I'm so excited about the album!

I made this text to the English language peoples 'cause I wanted surprised them! I hope you understand even something.

Love you all guys!

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